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What To Do After a Fall

  The first time a senior citizen falls is probably the most crucial. It is the time that people trained in senior care must intervene decisively and not only treat any injuries incurred from this fall but make sure that other falls are prevented.

It should be, off course, evident, that the first action is to provide first aid and, if needed, more professional treatment for the physical injuries like cuts, bruises, head injuries, sprained or strained ligaments and / or muscles and broken bones. If the one providing the first aid is a layperson or a member of the family not trained medically, they should keep in mind that their moves should be gentler and more careful as the bodies of the elderly are more fragile than those of younger people.

After these injuries have been taken care of, the most imperative and of absolute priority action is to investigate the circumstances behind the fall. At this point it should be considered that the senior citizen may be too embarrassed to acknowledge that there is any other reason than carelessness or a regular household accident, thus this investigation should be handled by people professionally trained.

If this investigation reveals disorders, these need to be taken care of right away. If for example a senior citizen presents low heart rate and light-headedness after a fall, these are indications that a pacemaker may be required. Memory loss, a generally impaired balance due to labyrinth or other serious medical conditions may require residential or hospice care to keep the senior citizen under a watchful eye.

Regardless of the existence of any medical problems it is strongly recommended to boost up the morale, self-confidence and self-esteem of the senior citizen after the fall. This is best achieved by improving the attitude towards walking and by correcting any problems with the person’s balance either through occupational therapy or supervised balanced training.

It is off course most imperative to persuade the elderly person to remain physically and socially active and not self-limit his or her mobility. It is not only a matter of exercise. The presence of other people around and talking things over will help greatly in overcoming any fear that may have been accrued. This is where assisted living facilities for the elderly like Hacienda Del Rey are best at. Making sure that senior citizens receive the proper senior care which will prevent further accidents and falls.

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