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Top 5 Causes of Elderly Falls


The injuries caused to senior citizens by home or other facility related accidents that cause falls are a serious issue. Nearly one every three seniors falls victim to such a cause. Surprisingly the top five reasons that cause falls are not related to carelessness as in younger people. They are related to health, environmental and psychological reasons. Let’s examine them: Weakened health: As people age it is expectable that every function becomes impaired. Memory loss, poor eyesight and hearing, and most of all reduced balance are some of these functions. Including various illnesses that may further weaken a person’s physical condition, this is the top reason that causes falls.

Medical compounds: There is a number of medical compounds that causes dizziness and loss of balance. Especially if the senior citizen is prescribed with a multitude of medicines that interact with each other. This is the second major cause for falls.

Return from hospitalization: Surgeries and other major medical interventions performed in a medical facility usually result in a senior citizen returning home in a much weakened state which greatly increases the chance for a fall if there is no personnel trained in senior care present to assist.

Home environment: Any object left where it is not supposed to may cause a fall. Toys, shoes, bags, boxes. Furniture and rags are also capable of causing a fall, not to mention a slippery floor. Especially for people that live in a cluttered home.

Fear: Senior citizens that have experienced a fall once are fearful of experiencing it again. This is a boomerang. This fear results in a self-limitation of physical activities and therefore reduced fitness. And reduced fitness causes more falls.

Preventing falls is a matter of cooperation between the senior citizen and an assistant. This assistant may be a member of the family or, if this is not possible, a professional offering residential care, or an assisted living facility like Hacienda Del Ray at Litchfield Park Place. In any case, exercise is to be encouraged at all costs. This is the best way to remain fit and in enhanced physical condition which will reduce the risk of a fall.

Other actions to reduce this risk even further, include a review of the medication taken, re-arrange things at the home environment to eliminate potential dangers and make sure that the dietary habits are healthy and formulated to include all the necessary micronutrients meant for senior care.

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