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The Quickest Snacks To Improve Senior Health

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Quick, easy & healthy senior snacks The dietary habits in the elderly are just as important as medical care and physical exercise. They need to have nutritionally balanced meals that include all the micronutrients required, especially those that are supposed to provide memory care and support.

Most of the times senior citizens do not consume the right meals because the feel a decline in their appetite and they think they do not need as much energy as they used to. When they find out that this thought and practice was wrong they turn to snacks. And these snacks must be as nutritional and healthy as the regular meals.

Also most of the times, older adults do not have neither the inclination nor the desire to prepare healthy snacks the moment they need them, so it would be best if they were prepared in advance. Here are some delicious ideas for improved senior health snacks:

A bowl of precut vegetables A bowl of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots is packed with vitamins and nutrients. It can be consumed as is, or a very tasty dip could also be prepared to dollop on. Other vegetables may also be chosen based on the preferences of the person they are intended for

Some fresh fruits Apples, oranges and bananas are good both in summer and winter. They would be best served in a plate, cut in slices and if you are making enough for a few days then a few tablespoons of lemon juice should be added for preservation.

 Cheese It’s always a welcome and most satisfying snack in any form you like.

Nuts Instead of chips choose nuts for their content of antioxidants, calories and healthy fat.

5) Popcorn U.S.A.’s, most favorite evening and sport snack is good for the elderly too. Just make sure it is not too heavily seasoned with salt and cinnamon.

6) Eggs Boiled eggs are a great source of protein and a very satisfying snack. Make sure that the person they are intended for, does not consume too many.

7) Sandwiches These are not only satisfying but also appreciated. Tuna on rye, cheese, cucumber or peanut butter are the best choices. They should be cut to small cubes to appeal to light eaters.

Preparing snacks for the elderly needs to make sure that no processed food is included and that there are no additives other than salt and sugar and even those should not be excessive.


When family caregivers can no longer find the time to prepare healthy meals, provide daily medication reminders and transportation to medical appointments assisted living can help. Your loved one deserves quality living and a fulfilling life even in his or her's final years.

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