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Taking Care of Your Kidneys

Senior woman with prescription medicine

Kidney disease is not always apparent until it has reached an advanced stage. The kidney stones that have been quietly growing begin to move around or pass into your ureter - the tube connecting your kidneys with your bladder. Symptoms of kidney disease include pain in the side and back, below the ribs, pain that increases and fluctuates in waves, pink, red or brown urine, nausea and a persistent need to urinate. If you are experiencing symptoms of kidney disease, you should notify your care-provider and schedule an appointment with your doctor. Preventing Kidney Disease

High blood pressure causes heart disease and stroke. It can also affect the health of your kidneys. At Hacienda Del Rey at Litchfield Park Place, our assisted living care includes a dietary plan and exercise program that will help to keep your blood pressure low. Your plan should include what not to eat, such as foods with high sodium content and foods with saturated fats, as well as targeting foods that are high in vitamins, proteins and calcium.

Not all fats are harmful. A polyunsaturated fat, found primarily in plant-based foods, improves cholesterol levels and help prevent kidney disease. Fish contain ideal Omega 3 fats, which helps lower blood pressure. It’s also food for the brain, and will assist you in your memory care.

Caution should be taken with over-the-counter drugs, as heavy, repetitive use with non‑steroidal anti‑inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen can cause kidney damage. Moderate your alcohol and try to refrain from smoking, a leading culprit in the development of kidney disease.

Your Senior Years

Risks to your kidneys became greater as you enter your senior years. Your body fat accumulates as your metabolism slows, making you more vulnerable to obesity related diseases, such as coronary heart disease or diabetes. Prolong your senior health with daily exercise that includes walking, bicycling or swimming, stretching and balancing.

Hospice care provides you with the guidance in an exercise plan that will improve blood flow, aid in reducing fat and allow more body movement without pain. The greater your mobility, the better you will feel. Dance a little; take up gardening, stroll through a park. The enjoyable activities will add more life to your years and keep your kidneys functioning adequately.

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