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Regain Independence Through Assisted Living

The onset of Dementia or Alzheimer’s is often difficult for the individual and family involved. While many families want to keep loved ones at home for as long as possible there comes a time when assisted living facilities can offer your loved one a safe and secure place to regain independence and receive support as dementia progresses. Hacienda Del Rey offers memory care services in in a luxury assisted living complex. Individuals are able to regain their independence with the help of healthcare professional day or night. The luxury living environment we can provide your loved ones is unmatched in the current industry. Our mission is provide homes that are equipped with a full service kitchen, a dining room, bedroom and bonus room for an office, exercise room or anything else your loved one might want. As memory care requires a large staff to execute services properly and efficiently we’ve hired only the best healthcare professionals for long-term health benefits. Our staff goes through additional training to ensure the safety and health of our residents.

assisted-living_dementiaOur memory care services are second to none with an expert staff we provide comfortable and private homes for our residents. Daily meals and group activities promote a social setting to ensure a healthy development of the mind, body and spirit. Our healthcare professionals provide medication management, physical therapy and exercise classes and 24-hour 7 days week assistance to residents. The value of a home cooked meal, housekeeping and laundry services make daily tasks less taxing on your loved one so he or she can focus on living a happy and healthy lifestyle. Providing companionship and socialization is proven to have a positive impact on one’s mental and physical health. At Hacienda Del Rey, our goal is to provide luxury assisted living services that are more personalized and focused on the individual rather than treating early onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Memory care is vital to those in old age even without the onset of dementia. Maintaining a healthy mental state is vital to living happily as a senior. A personalized care plan is managed by our healthcare professionals and reviewed with family members to ensure there is a positive progression for your loved one. We focus on keeping residents happy with an added bonus of independence in a safe and secure neighborhood. Hacienda Del Rey is building a community for seniors to enjoy their daily lives and remove the stress of caring for your loved one while also tending to your life. Visit us for an open house to see the development of our facilities and start the conversation about moving to a luxury assisted living home in the beautiful Litchfield Park, Arizona.

Call About Our Summer Special Contact Us at 623-800-7710