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Spring Cleaning: De-clutter and Refocus


We tend to accumulate things during our lives. While we are youthful, and our ambitious energy is greater, our spring-cleaning is often heralded by emptying out the closets of apparel we no longer use, donating old appliances to Goodwill, and reducing the items in storage. As seniors, our priorities begin to slip. We create a habit of storing things we think we’re going to use someday, but the day never comes. We become more and more comfortable with old clothing, leaving newer outfits to stagnate on their hangers. We keep small items we are sure were gifts, but don’t remember who gave them. The Paperwork Trail

Old habits are hard to break. Seniors remember the days when bills, statements and notifications were all sent by mail and kept in boxes for legal purposes. While computers can now store most legal records, the habit of storing year’s worth of paper documents in boxes is still there. Often times, the data is unnecessary, as online transactions allow a full record of your financial affairs, without the necessity of saving all your billing costs and payments on paper. Minimize your stored paperwork to only important legal documents that require signature and/ or notarization. If you become confused about which paperwork, ask your hospice care provider to assist you. Your old billing statements may be outdated and unnecessary if you have online accounts.

Memory Improvements

Reducing the clutter around you can improve your memory care. Begin sorting out the things that have meaning to you and surround yourself with them in your assisted living home. When you box up unwanted items, ask family and friends if they would like to help you and if there is anything among your stored items they would like to keep.

Orderly surroundings help your thoughts to remain organized, but the surroundings should feel comfortable and familiar. At Hacienda Del Rey at Litchfield Park Place, your home can be well-organized, but filled with the furniture you remember, the keepsakes that you treasure, and items you recognize as the valued gifts of your loved ones.

Let the Sunshine in

Spring-cleaning involves sweeping away the cobwebs and dust that accumulate over the winter months and opening those windows wide to allow fresh air to circulate once more. It means washing the windows and polishing doorknobs. Your senior health will be more energetic with a fresh start in spring that begins with removing the winter build-up of unnecessary clutter, and is topped by a delicious sparkle of sunlight and the fresh breezes of spring. Your quality care provider will assist you in turning your spring cleaning project into preparations for summer enjoyment and a comfortable life-style that will help you refocus on your priorities, your accomplishments, your goals and your relationship with others.le

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