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Assisted Living Offers Peace of Mind


Why choose assisted living at Hacienda Del Rey? Assisted living is defined as the provision of care for people that need assistance in at least one daily function, with the philosophy of promoting the independence and dignity of the person that receives this care.

Senior care is one of the situations that befalls into the philosophy of assisted living. Professionally trained personnel undertake the task of assisting a person with the administration or the supervision of medication, and the provision of personal care services for the citizens that are too young to live in a retirement home, are not in need of the 24 hour supervision that would take them to a nursing home and living alone presents an inappropriate quality of life.

Assisted living facilities like the Hacienda Del Rey at Litchfield Park Place are manned by people who have made it their lives’ task to provide appropriate and suitable care for senior citizens that need it, but most of all they are places where the residents can find what they need most: companionship and social interaction.

The needs of the elderly in medication, dietary habits and physical activity are different from the needs of the younger people. It is well known that as time passes by there are issues of memory loss and physical weakening involved, that make senior care rather problematic for people who do not know how to deal with these issues, like the members of the family.

But it is also a fact that senior citizens need to maintain their sense of independence and dignity. They do not want to burden anyone with their own problems and they do not want especially their children concerned and worrying about their condition. And this is the best reason for choosing assisted living.

This is only part of the equation of why to choose Hacienda Del Rey over other similar establishments. The other parts refer its specialization for memory care, the four different levels of senior care provided depending upon the needs of each and every different person and, of course, the professionalism and efficiency of the personnel which have been carefully selected.

Furthermore, the facilities are state of the art, there is a full service salon, and a private dining room for family and friends. But most of all Hacienda Del Rey provides what its residents are there for: companionship and the ability to remain active socially through the various activities and events carefully arranged for this purpose. And this is the best reason to choose Hacienda Del Rey.

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