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Are You Improving Senior Health Nutrition?


Senior Health Nutrition Statistically, seniors are the most under-nourished age group. Critical proteins and vitamins may be lacking from the senior diet that no longer has the zest for hardy, full-bodied meals. They may develop a preference for finger foods or salty snack foods. They may lose an interest in fresh produce. A diet that is both nutritious and flavorful is essential to senior health care, as it will increase energy, restore interest in balanced meals and enable healthy body functions.

iStock_000059746936_LargeIt’s Green and It’s Lovely

Seniors often drop fresh vegetables and fruits from their diet, as their flavor begins failing to stimulate their taste buds.  Hacienda Del Rey at Litchfield Park Place, has a delicious menu that will provide its hospice care residents with three healthy meals and snacks that satisfy appetites and fill the nutritional requirements for seniors. Fresh produce is excellently prepared to tempt flagging appetites and retain an interest in vitamin rich foods.

Leafy green vegetables contain fiber and can be a wonderful accompaniment in all prepared dishes and salads. If you like to cook, spice up your stir fry with bok choy, add flavor to your spaghetti with cilantro or parsley, add baby spinach and broccoli to your chowder. Your assisted living provider can help in choosing and preparing recipes that will help satisfy your nutritional needs for plant based foods.

Enable Your Arteries, Enable Your Memory Care

Accumulated trans-fats and saturated fats are a common problem for the elderly. The accumulation not only creates risks of heart disease and diabetes, they clog the arteries, restricting blood flow into the brain.

Restricted blood flow can contribute to neurological damage. A diet that is low in saturated fats and high in the polyunsaturated fats of vegetables and oils help keep the arteries clear and blood flow unrestricted. Eat fish, grass fed beef, enriched eggs, walnuts and use flax seed oil to boost your Omega 3 fats, and nourish both your brain and your zest for living.l

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