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Assisted Living Offers Peace of Mind


Why choose assisted living at Hacienda Del Rey? Assisted living is defined as the provision of care for people that need assistance in at least one daily function, with the philosophy of promoting the independence and dignity of the person that receives this care.

Senior care is one of the situations that befalls into the philosophy of assisted living. Professionally trained personnel undertake the task of assisting a person with the administration or the supervision of medication, and the provision of personal care services for the citizens that are too young to live in a retirement home, are not in need of the 24 hour supervision that would take them to a nursing home and living alone presents an inappropriate quality of life.

Assisted living facilities like the Hacienda Del Rey at Litchfield Park Place are manned by people who have made it their lives’ task to provide appropriate and suitable care for senior citizens that need it, but most of all they are places where the residents can find what they need most: companionship and social interaction.

The needs of the elderly in medication, dietary habits and physical activity are different from the needs of the younger people. It is well known that as time passes by there are issues of memory loss and physical weakening involved, that make senior care rather problematic for people who do not know how to deal with these issues, like the members of the family.

But it is also a fact that senior citizens need to maintain their sense of independence and dignity. They do not want to burden anyone with their own problems and they do not want especially their children concerned and worrying about their condition. And this is the best reason for choosing assisted living.

This is only part of the equation of why to choose Hacienda Del Rey over other similar establishments. The other parts refer its specialization for memory care, the four different levels of senior care provided depending upon the needs of each and every different person and, of course, the professionalism and efficiency of the personnel which have been carefully selected.

Furthermore, the facilities are state of the art, there is a full service salon, and a private dining room for family and friends. But most of all Hacienda Del Rey provides what its residents are there for: companionship and the ability to remain active socially through the various activities and events carefully arranged for this purpose. And this is the best reason to choose Hacienda Del Rey.

The Quickest Snacks To Improve Senior Health

eating healthy

Quick, easy & healthy senior snacks The dietary habits in the elderly are just as important as medical care and physical exercise. They need to have nutritionally balanced meals that include all the micronutrients required, especially those that are supposed to provide memory care and support.

Most of the times senior citizens do not consume the right meals because the feel a decline in their appetite and they think they do not need as much energy as they used to. When they find out that this thought and practice was wrong they turn to snacks. And these snacks must be as nutritional and healthy as the regular meals.

Also most of the times, older adults do not have neither the inclination nor the desire to prepare healthy snacks the moment they need them, so it would be best if they were prepared in advance. Here are some delicious ideas for improved senior health snacks:

A bowl of precut vegetables A bowl of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots is packed with vitamins and nutrients. It can be consumed as is, or a very tasty dip could also be prepared to dollop on. Other vegetables may also be chosen based on the preferences of the person they are intended for

Some fresh fruits Apples, oranges and bananas are good both in summer and winter. They would be best served in a plate, cut in slices and if you are making enough for a few days then a few tablespoons of lemon juice should be added for preservation.

 Cheese It’s always a welcome and most satisfying snack in any form you like.

Nuts Instead of chips choose nuts for their content of antioxidants, calories and healthy fat.

5) Popcorn U.S.A.’s, most favorite evening and sport snack is good for the elderly too. Just make sure it is not too heavily seasoned with salt and cinnamon.

6) Eggs Boiled eggs are a great source of protein and a very satisfying snack. Make sure that the person they are intended for, does not consume too many.

7) Sandwiches These are not only satisfying but also appreciated. Tuna on rye, cheese, cucumber or peanut butter are the best choices. They should be cut to small cubes to appeal to light eaters.

Preparing snacks for the elderly needs to make sure that no processed food is included and that there are no additives other than salt and sugar and even those should not be excessive.


When family caregivers can no longer find the time to prepare healthy meals, provide daily medication reminders and transportation to medical appointments assisted living can help. Your loved one deserves quality living and a fulfilling life even in his or her's final years.

What To Do After a Fall

  The first time a senior citizen falls is probably the most crucial. It is the time that people trained in senior care must intervene decisively and not only treat any injuries incurred from this fall but make sure that other falls are prevented.

It should be, off course, evident, that the first action is to provide first aid and, if needed, more professional treatment for the physical injuries like cuts, bruises, head injuries, sprained or strained ligaments and / or muscles and broken bones. If the one providing the first aid is a layperson or a member of the family not trained medically, they should keep in mind that their moves should be gentler and more careful as the bodies of the elderly are more fragile than those of younger people.

After these injuries have been taken care of, the most imperative and of absolute priority action is to investigate the circumstances behind the fall. At this point it should be considered that the senior citizen may be too embarrassed to acknowledge that there is any other reason than carelessness or a regular household accident, thus this investigation should be handled by people professionally trained.

If this investigation reveals disorders, these need to be taken care of right away. If for example a senior citizen presents low heart rate and light-headedness after a fall, these are indications that a pacemaker may be required. Memory loss, a generally impaired balance due to labyrinth or other serious medical conditions may require residential or hospice care to keep the senior citizen under a watchful eye.

Regardless of the existence of any medical problems it is strongly recommended to boost up the morale, self-confidence and self-esteem of the senior citizen after the fall. This is best achieved by improving the attitude towards walking and by correcting any problems with the person’s balance either through occupational therapy or supervised balanced training.

It is off course most imperative to persuade the elderly person to remain physically and socially active and not self-limit his or her mobility. It is not only a matter of exercise. The presence of other people around and talking things over will help greatly in overcoming any fear that may have been accrued. This is where assisted living facilities for the elderly like Hacienda Del Rey are best at. Making sure that senior citizens receive the proper senior care which will prevent further accidents and falls.

Top 5 Causes of Elderly Falls


The injuries caused to senior citizens by home or other facility related accidents that cause falls are a serious issue. Nearly one every three seniors falls victim to such a cause. Surprisingly the top five reasons that cause falls are not related to carelessness as in younger people. They are related to health, environmental and psychological reasons. Let’s examine them: Weakened health: As people age it is expectable that every function becomes impaired. Memory loss, poor eyesight and hearing, and most of all reduced balance are some of these functions. Including various illnesses that may further weaken a person’s physical condition, this is the top reason that causes falls.

Medical compounds: There is a number of medical compounds that causes dizziness and loss of balance. Especially if the senior citizen is prescribed with a multitude of medicines that interact with each other. This is the second major cause for falls.

Return from hospitalization: Surgeries and other major medical interventions performed in a medical facility usually result in a senior citizen returning home in a much weakened state which greatly increases the chance for a fall if there is no personnel trained in senior care present to assist.

Home environment: Any object left where it is not supposed to may cause a fall. Toys, shoes, bags, boxes. Furniture and rags are also capable of causing a fall, not to mention a slippery floor. Especially for people that live in a cluttered home.

Fear: Senior citizens that have experienced a fall once are fearful of experiencing it again. This is a boomerang. This fear results in a self-limitation of physical activities and therefore reduced fitness. And reduced fitness causes more falls.

Preventing falls is a matter of cooperation between the senior citizen and an assistant. This assistant may be a member of the family or, if this is not possible, a professional offering residential care, or an assisted living facility like Hacienda Del Ray at Litchfield Park Place. In any case, exercise is to be encouraged at all costs. This is the best way to remain fit and in enhanced physical condition which will reduce the risk of a fall.

Other actions to reduce this risk even further, include a review of the medication taken, re-arrange things at the home environment to eliminate potential dangers and make sure that the dietary habits are healthy and formulated to include all the necessary micronutrients meant for senior care.

Taking Care of Your Kidneys

Senior woman with prescription medicine

Kidney disease is not always apparent until it has reached an advanced stage. The kidney stones that have been quietly growing begin to move around or pass into your ureter - the tube connecting your kidneys with your bladder. Symptoms of kidney disease include pain in the side and back, below the ribs, pain that increases and fluctuates in waves, pink, red or brown urine, nausea and a persistent need to urinate. If you are experiencing symptoms of kidney disease, you should notify your care-provider and schedule an appointment with your doctor. Preventing Kidney Disease

High blood pressure causes heart disease and stroke. It can also affect the health of your kidneys. At Hacienda Del Rey at Litchfield Park Place, our assisted living care includes a dietary plan and exercise program that will help to keep your blood pressure low. Your plan should include what not to eat, such as foods with high sodium content and foods with saturated fats, as well as targeting foods that are high in vitamins, proteins and calcium.

Not all fats are harmful. A polyunsaturated fat, found primarily in plant-based foods, improves cholesterol levels and help prevent kidney disease. Fish contain ideal Omega 3 fats, which helps lower blood pressure. It’s also food for the brain, and will assist you in your memory care.

Caution should be taken with over-the-counter drugs, as heavy, repetitive use with non‑steroidal anti‑inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen can cause kidney damage. Moderate your alcohol and try to refrain from smoking, a leading culprit in the development of kidney disease.

Your Senior Years

Risks to your kidneys became greater as you enter your senior years. Your body fat accumulates as your metabolism slows, making you more vulnerable to obesity related diseases, such as coronary heart disease or diabetes. Prolong your senior health with daily exercise that includes walking, bicycling or swimming, stretching and balancing.

Hospice care provides you with the guidance in an exercise plan that will improve blood flow, aid in reducing fat and allow more body movement without pain. The greater your mobility, the better you will feel. Dance a little; take up gardening, stroll through a park. The enjoyable activities will add more life to your years and keep your kidneys functioning adequately.

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