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A Family Legacy.


Welcome to Hacienda Del Rey, which translates to "Ranch of Kings".  This Assisted Living and Memory Care community was built with determination and legacy of the King family.  Our owners are Edward "Ed" King and Steve Stratigouleas, Ed's son in law.  Ed's goal with the Hacienda Del Rey Community is pure and simple; provide the best Assisted Living residence for our resident family and promote the best health and wellness for the body, mind and spirit.  

The name Ed King is one you may be familiar with if you've lived in the southwest valley within the last 40 years.  To begin with, the story of Goodyear Arizona and how it came to be is a rich cultural experience for any valley native.  Ed's father, Jim King, had a lot to do with Goodyear's early roots, beginning with the purchase of the first house ever built in town!  From there, Jim embarked on a variety of successful business ventures; a Ben Franklin store, the Goodyear Variety store, King's department store, real estate offices, hardware and lumber retail and finally, in the 50's, bought 2400 acres in Goodyear and tried his hand at farming!  


As the story goes, after receiving a great education in his home state at Arizona State University, Ed became involved with the family businesses.  He was elected to the County Board of Supervisors and proudly served our state from 1992-1996 representing District 4. Ed and his wife have lived in Litchfield Park for 41 years and raised two beautiful daughters; Courtney and Lindsay.

The many fine accomplishments of Ed's father are not surprising considering the arduous journey his grandparents embarked on in the 1920's to come here.  Traveling in extreme heat conditions, Elmer and Harriet King, both blind, came to Arizona and tried their hand at entrepreneurship with a roadside fruit stand.  Later in life this amazing duo purchased a hospital and converted it into a retirement home.

"As I grew up and spent time with my grandparents and their retirement home, I saw how safe, healthy and happy the residents felt and how well cared for they were.  This became the vision of establishing Hacienda Del Rey."                                                                                                                          -Ed King

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